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Dive into the Extraordinary: Unleashing Creativity in Wild Bathroom Renovations


Buckle up, Edmonton! In our recent escapade into the world of bathroom renovations, we tossed aside the ordinary and embraced the extraordinary. Join us on a wild ride through bold designs, unconventional materials, and a splash of whimsy as we redefine bathroom spaces in ways you've never imagined.

Retro Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Breaking the Mold:

Who said bathrooms have to be boring? Our team took a leap outside the traditional boundaries to create spaces that defy expectations. From vibrant color schemes to unconventional layouts, we believe that bathrooms are the perfect canvas for pushing design limits.

Custom Accessible Leopard Tile Shower

Edmonton's Bold Expression:

In a city known for its diverse architectural landscape, our wild bathroom renovations stand out as a testament to the bold spirit of Edmonton homeowners. We've seen a surge in demand for bathrooms that go beyond the ordinary, reflecting a collective desire to make every corner of the home an expression of individuality.

Creative accessible bathroom renovation with leopard tile wall and walk in shower

Materials Unleashed:

Wave goodbye to standard tiles and say hello to a world of possibilities. Our unique bathroom renovations incorporate unexpected materials—imagine bold colors, even bolder patterns—all with a touch of glamour. Why settle for the mundane when your bathroom can be a showcase of eclectic elegance?

Unique quartz countertop with yellow tile backsplash

The Playful Side of Practicality:

Functionality doesn't have to take a backseat to creativity. Our wild bathroom designs seamlessly blend playful aesthetics with practical elements. Dual-purpose fixtures , hidden storage, and accessible layouts ensure that every wild idea enhances rather than hinders your daily routine.

Design Tips for the Brave:
  • Color Explosion: Don't be afraid of vibrant colors. Experiment with bold hues to create a bathroom that energizes and uplifts.

  • Statement Fixtures: Make a splash with unique and eye-catching fixtures that become the focal point of the space.

  • Mix and Match: Combine unexpected materials for a textured and visually engaging bathroom experience.

  • Nature's Influence: Bring the outdoors in with elements like indoor plants, natural stones, and wooden accents.


Edmonton, it's time to redefine your bathroom experience. Let your imagination run wild, break free from convention, and transform your bathroom into a space that mirrors your personality and sense of adventure. Our design team is ready to turn your wildest bathroom dreams into a reality.

Accessible walk in curbless hand shower with grab bars and fold down waterproof teak seat

Connect with Us:

Ready to embark on a wild bathroom renovation journey? Connect with our in-house design team to explore the endless possibilities and let your bathroom be a testament to your fearless style.


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