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Elevating Elegance: A Modern Farmhouse Transformation


Edmonton, get ready to witness the marriage of tradition and modernity! In our latest exterior renovation endeavor, we set out to bring the timeless allure of the Modern Farmhouse aesthetic to a standard 2-storey home. Join us as we unravel the elements that can turn your house into a captivating Modern Farmhouse haven.

Front entryway of modern farmhouse exterior

Modern Farmhouse Magic:

Modern Farmhouse design has captured hearts with its cozy yet sophisticated charm. We took this trend and applied its transformative powers to a standard 2-storey home, proving that you don't need a rural backdrop to enjoy the warmth and elegance of a Modern Farmhouse.

Wooden timber entrance overhand leading to a masonry feature wall

Exterior Facelift:

The exterior of our project underwent a complete facelift, seamlessly blending classic farmhouse elements with a modern twist. A charming white façade, complemented by a mix of natural textures, creates a visual symphony that stands out against this cozy neighborhood in Edmonton.

Front yard landscaping highlighting a garden bed under stone masonry wall

Warm Neutrals and Bold Accents:

Modern Farmhouse style thrives on a palette of warm neutrals. We incorporated shades of white, beige, and gray, accentuating them with beautiful natural products and finishes. The result is a welcoming exterior that is both timeless and on-trend.

Custom house numbers and wooden farmhouse garage door

Edmonton's Modern Farmhouse Renaissance:

The Modern Farmhouse trend is sweeping across Edmonton's architecture scene. Homeowners across the city are infusing classic charm into their abodes, creating a delightful fusion of rural and urban living. Our project is a testament to the city's embrace of this captivating design trend.

Backyard swimming pool and stone patio

Tips for Your Own Modern Farmhouse Makeover:
  • Classic Board and Batten: Consider adding board and batten siding for a classic farmhouse look.

  • Gable Roofs: Gable roofs are iconic in farmhouse design and can be incorporated for a touch of authenticity.

  • Mixed Materials: Play with a mix of materials like wood, metal, and stone to add texture and depth.

  • Porch Living: A front porch or a covered entryway enhances the farmhouse aesthetic while providing a welcoming space.


Transforming a standard 2-storey home into a Modern Farmhouse masterpiece is a journey that marries the past with the present. Edmonton's architectural landscape is evolving, and we're excited to be at the forefront of this Modern Farmhouse renaissance.

Onyx stone front entryway leading to a black front door

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