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Transforming Your Main Floor: A Contemporary Renovation in Edmonton

Introduction: Get ready for a peek into a home makeover that's all about bringing contemporary vibes to everyday living. Our team at Aquarian Renovations took on the challenge of making a home in Edmonton more stylish and practical, with a special focus on the main floor.

More Open Space: First things first, we opened up the place by removing the main bearing wall wall. This made everything feel more connected, giving a fresh and airy vibe. It's all about creating a home that flows from the kitchen to the dining and living area seamlessly.

Bigger and Better Kitchen: The kitchen got a major upgrade – it's now bigger and better. With a mix of contemporary looks and natural materials like wood and stone, it's a space that's not just for cooking but also for hanging out.

Eat-In Kitchen and Formal Dining: For All Occasions We wanted to make sure you have a spot for every kind of meal. So, we made the kitchen area a mix of casual and formal – perfect for a quick bite or a fancy dinner.

Built-In Bar: Love having friends over? We added a built-in bar. It's not just for mixing drinks; it's a cool piece of furniture that makes your place stand out.

Contemporary with a Twist of Tradition: We know Edmonton likes a mix of modern and classic, so that's what we did. Contemporary, but with a touch of tradition to keep it cozy.

Bigger Mudroom: We made the mudroom larger with added built-in storage, so you have a place to drop your stuff. No more mess – just a neat and tidy welcome home.

Gas Fireplace: Warm and Cozy Winters in Edmonton can be chilly, so we added a unique space saving gas fireplace. It's not just for warmth; it's a stylish way to keep things cozy.

Powder Room Upgrade: Small change, big impact. It's proof that you can make a big impact in even the tiniest spaces.

Conclusion: Your Home, Your Style. 

That's our journey through this main floor upgrade. It's about making your place look great and work well for you. If you're thinking about giving your home a fresh look, chat with us at Aquarian Renovations. We're all about turning your ideas into reality.

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